Behemoth (2011)

With deaths and quakes occurring around Mount Lincoln, it is eventually discovered that beneath the mountain lurks… Behemoth! This movie was the 23rd film in the ‘Maneater Series’ (this was the brand name, logo and look given to a series of made-for-television horror films produced by RHI Entertainment, distributed by Vivendi Entertainment). Other movies that wereContinue reading “Behemoth (2011)”

Beast From Haunted Cave (1959)

Tough criminal boss Alexander Ward (Frank Wolff) oversees a small heist team intent on stealing gold bars from a bank vault in snowy South Dakota. The plan involves one of the criminals, Marty Jones (Richard Sinatra – cousin of Frank Sinatra), setting off an explosion in a nearby gold mine to act as a diversionContinue reading “Beast From Haunted Cave (1959)”

Octaman (1971)

A scientific expedition, financed by a circus owner, goes in search of a humanoid octopus mutation in Mexico. Written and directed by Harry Essex, who wrote IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE (1953) and CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (1954), this cult flick’s major (only!) selling point is the fun creature costume created by Rick BakerContinue reading “Octaman (1971)”

The Young Cannibals (2019)

In a pre-title sequence two desperate men are shown eating part of a dead colleague on a snow-covered mountain. A third man refuses to take part in this. When the three men walk onwards, the two who had eaten the flesh start acting scared, as if they can see something up ahead. The man who’dContinue reading “The Young Cannibals (2019)”

The Bone Snatcher (2003)

A search team looking for missing geologists in an African desert encounter a swarm of black particles/creatures that eat the flesh off victims and then wrap around the bones to become ambulatory monsters. The team starts getting picked off by these things and they eventually have a showdown in an abandoned mine, where it isContinue reading “The Bone Snatcher (2003)”

All Through the House (2021)

On a snowy Christmas Eve, a young brother and sister quietly sneak downstairs to hopefully get a fleeting glimpse of Santa as he leaves presents under the christmas tree. But they actually discover that ol’ Saint Nick is a grotesque-looking, raw-fleshed, toothy creature! ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE is a 7 minute episode from the secondContinue reading “All Through the House (2021)”

The Arctic Giant (1942)

A gigantic, frozen Tyrannosaurus Rex is discovered in the arctic. The creature is shipped over to Metropolis, where it is housed in a massive, refrigerated building attached to the city museum. After an accident wrecks the generator, the ice melts and the huge dino awakens, breaks free, runs amok, but is eventually stopped by Superman.Continue reading “The Arctic Giant (1942)”