Dire Wolf (2009)

Dire wolf carnage
Dire wolf carnage!

Also known as DINOWOLF, the story concerns a genetically modified (aren’t they always?) creature, that is half human and half extinct dire wolf, escaping from a lab and going on a bloody rampage in a small rural community.

Directed by Fred Olen Ray (DEEP SPACE, WIZARDS OF THE DEMON SWORD, ARMED RESPONSE), this low budget horror flick has a story that is very typical of this kind of movie, but it is far better than it should have been thanks to the fact it eschews low grade Syfy Channel-type CGI and uses man-in-suit effects instead.

The dire wolf likes to snarl!
The dire wolf likes to snarl!

The wolf-creature basically resembles a werewolf with a somewhat simian physique and has a snarling expression throughout the story. The creature suit is nothing special and the monster’s attacks on victims are a little too similar to each other, but these scenes remain watchable thanks to the use of practical effects with lots and lots of blood spraying about the place!

An intestine is chewed by the dire wolf
An intestine: yummy!
The beast attacks another victim
The beast attacks another victim
A hand gets chewed off
A hand gets chewed off

Gil (BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY) Gerard appears in a small supporting role as a senior military officer in charge of the dire wolf project, but it is Maxwell Caulfield that stands out as the likeable, slightly OCD sheriff. I think the story should’ve given him more screen time, rather than focus on various other characters, and it certainly would’ve been a better film if Caulfield had been given more to do.

Another dire wolf attack!
Another dire wolf attack!

This low budget film is no classic, with a quite simple creature suit that has basically one expression, but it is an enjoyable watch nonetheless.

The dire wolf creeps up
He’s behind you…
The dire wolf attacks
…too late!
The dire wolf attacks yet again
Can a film ever have too many monster attack scenes?
Face-to-face with the dire wolf...
Face-to-face with the dire wolf…
The critter gets zapped!
The critter gets zapped!

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