Mexican Lobby Card Madness!

Just look at this Mexican lobby card!

Mexican lobby card
The madness!

What movie could this possibly be for?! The lobby card features what seems to be the Creature from the Black Lagoon…

The Creature?
Should this creature be hanging out in the Black Lagoon?

And it also includes these weird faces…

weird faces

…and yet another weird, fanged face and a guy wearing modern scuba gear…

more weird faces

…plus a seal fighting a shark…

Seal vs shark

…and a B&W inset picture from what seems to be a Japanese film…

Well, it turns out that the film the lobby card is meant to be depicting is the period fantasy CITY UNDER THE SEA (1965)!

Released as WAR-GODS OF THE DEEP in the US, this British-American movie starred Vincent Price, Tab Hunter and David Tomlinson in a tale about a lost city beneath the sea off the Cornish coast in England.

The movie featured some gillmen (who definitely didn’t resemble the Creature from the Black Lagoon!), an undersea volcano and a pet chicken. The story centred on the film’s protagonists discovering a group of men living in underground/undersea ruins: these men did not seem to age, thanks to a weird mix of gases in the caverns and subterranean rooms they dwelt in.

Here’s a UK poster…

UK poster

Here’s a US poster…

US poster
Nice illustration!

And here’s an Australian poster…

Australian poster
‘Not suitable for children’!

But, let’s face it, nothing can compare to this insanely inaccurate lobby card from Mexico!


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