The Terror (2018)

The Tuunbaq 
The Tuunbaq!

I really enjoyed the first season of this supernatural, semi-historical, horror anthology series.
A fictionalised account of the doomed Franklin expedition, it is well written, well acted, with a well-sustained mood. The initially slow burn tale gets grimmer as the ships remain trapped in the Artic ice, lead poisoning from defective food tins starts to send people mad, characters resort to cannibalism and a murderous bear-creature continuously picks them off.

The cast is wonderful: Jared Harris is especially good as Captain Francis Crozier, with Tobias Menzies and Paul Ready also standing out in their roles.

The monster, called a Tuunbaq, is a great creation: a huge spirit polar bear-type creature with a weird, semi-human face. There are several really effective monster attack scenes interspersed amongst the excellent, doom-laden drama, including one scene where the beast climbs up into the ship’s rigging in pursuit of its human prey.

Here’s concept designer Neville Page’s visual of the creature’s face…

All in all, THE TERROR is a very satisfying yarn that’s well worth a binge watch.


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