The Poster Art of Enzo Sciotti

Enzo Sciotti

The Italian artist Enzo Sciotti, who passed away on 11th April 2021, was well known to genre movie fans for his many amazing movie posters.

Army of Darkness poster

Born in 1944 in Rome, Sciotti had a very long career, but his eye-catching style is most closely associated with the 1980s and early 90s, when he was the artist behind posters and VHS covers for horror, sword and sorcery, Mad Max knockoffs and assorted war & action movies. 

Demons poster art

He produced the movie poster art for famous Italian horror directors Dario Argento, Mario Bava, Lamberto Bava, Joe D’Amato and Lucio Fulci. He also illustrated the Italian posters for American movies like NEAR DARK, THE THING, CRITTERS, BEETLEJUICE, INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE and CUJO.


His in-your-face, detailed, colourful style almost compelled you to watch the movies, regardless of how good some of these films were, because his posters were so goddamn striking! He somehow managed to balance making the characters depicted in his posters resemble the actors involved in the movies whilst also retaining a very dynamic, painterly style.

The Shining poster art

Some of his work was more lurid than others, but it was all professionally crafted, impactful and hard to ignore: the perfect combination for a movie poster or VHS cover!

He produced work for Italian horror comics too, including Terror.

Terror comic cover

Enzo was a very talented artist: here are just a few more of the posters he illustrated…

Maneater art
Maximum Overdrive art
Monster Shark poster
Ironmaster art
Cujo poster art
Interview with the Vampire poster art
The Sword of the Barbarians poster art
Near Dark poster art
Beastmaster poster art
This is actually the poster for YELLOWBEARD and not THE BEASTMASTER!
Two Evil Eyes poster art
House by the Cemetery art
Evil Dead artwork
The Thing art
The Fly artwork

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