The Village in the Woods (2019)

A satyr
A satyr!

Nicky (Beth Park) and Jason (Robert Vernon) travel to a village in mist-shrouded woodland (you actually never see much of a village, just a couple of buildings) to claim ownership of an old pub that Nicky has inherited.

backlit woods
Backlit woods
Bird skull
Bird skull
Hanging effigies
Hanging effigies

The thing is, Nicky and Jason are scam artists and have no real claim to the pub, but they eventually discover that they, themselves, have been scammed by some of the villagers… who are not what they seem.

‘The demon awakes’
A naughty villager
A naughty villager

THE VILLAGE IN THE WOODS is pretty slow burn, some of the acting is a little stilted, but the central idea, once it is revealed, is quite interesting: the villagers are actually satyr-type beings (who usually look like normal, old-ish folks) who need to impregnate a normal human every hundred years or so to enable them to continue their long lifespans. Basically, they need to get a human female to give birth to a hybrid baby which they will then eat and drink its blood that will allow them to remain immortal.

Satyr in the woods
A satyr walks in the woods…
…looking for a human woman…
…and all this happens in a dream/flashback

This 82 minute long movie doesn’t make the most of its premise, unfortunately, which is a shame as it could’ve been an interesting horror tale if handled and told differently. Using hanging pagan effigies, bonfires and bird skulls just isn’t enough to make this film as interesting as effective folk horror flicks like THE RITUAL, MIDSOMMAR or THE WICKER MAN.

Nicky awaits the satyr
Nicky awaits the satyr
The villagers are satyrs!
Yikes! The villagers are satyrs!

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