The Void (2016)

Slimy, Lovecraftian tentacles everywhere...
Lovecraftian tentacles everywhere…

After a person is killed and burnt at a farmhouse, a small group of characters become trapped in a hospital… where they have to deal with hooded cultists and horrible, slimy, mutated creatures .


THE VOID was written and directed by Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski (who is also a prosthetic make-up effects artist). The Canadian movie stars Aaron Poole, Kenneth Welsh, Ellen Wong & Kathleen Munroe, and it was mainly funded via normal channels, though the creature effects were actually crowdfunded on Indiegogo.

A nurse's body becomes enveloped by an enormous tumorous mass, covered in slimy skin and tentacles
A nurse’s body becomes enveloped by a tumorous mass and tentacles

THE VOID is an effective, low budget horror film that juggles such disparate elements as surgical horror, Lovecraftian cosmic eeriness & mysterious cults.

Mutating flesh...
Mutating flesh…

Channeling the likes of Carpenter, Fulci & Clive Barker, this movie boasts decent shock moments, some effective practical creature effects, a fairly unpredictable plot, plentiful gore and mysterious symbolism… just what does that triangle represent?

Beware the triangle
Beware the triangle
It's that triangle again...
It’s that triangle again…
...and here's the triangle once more... a portal
…and here’s the triangle once more… a portal
The cultists lurk outside
The cultists lurk outside

Maybe the story gets a little too convoluted, and some things just don’t get explained, but I think this adds to the obscureness of the whole production, which is a brutal, grim slice of 80s throwback horror/creature feature cinema. Great stuff.

That shot of the operating room looks grimly cool, so here it is again...
That shot in the operating room looks grimly cool, so here it is again…
...and again, in close-up
…and here it is yet again, in close-up

Finally, here are some cool posters/artwork for the film…

alternative poster
This one’s quite a stripped back poster. Nice.
Cultists are waiting...

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