Hostile (2017)

A creature from the wasteland
A creature from the wasteland

In a post-apocalyptic world a woman (Brittany Ashworth) crashes her truck, breaks her leg and must survive the night as a creature menacingly lurks outside.


Okay, whether you like this movie or not will probably depend upon how much you are interested in the many flashbacks that reveal the heroine’s relationship with her lover in pre-apocalypse times.

I actually found the flashbacks concerning the burgeoning romance interesting, though they do take up a great deal of the running time (SPOILER) …and the romance does relate to the plot twist at the end.

Weird being!
Weird being!

The non-flashback section of the film is handled like a contained horror-thriller, with the protagonist stuck in her overturned vehicle for the duration of the movie.

Trapped in her truck
Trapped in her truck…
In a land where mutants lurk
…in a land where mutants lurk

Creature-wise, I liked the look of the beings that populate the wasteland: hairless, scrawny humanoids with deformed heads.


2 thoughts on “Hostile (2017)”

  1. I thought HOSTILE featured an interesting enough story premise, decent visual design and performances, and some engaging claustrophobic terror/suspense. The lingering impression is that the ending was unsatisfying, a common enough lament, as endings are the hardest thing to nail. I can attest to that from storytelling experience. But I did leave HOSTILE live in my library queue, indicating that I thought enough of it on first look to facilitate subsequent screenings.

    Now you’ve re-engaged my attention to it, so I may have to take another look soon.

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  2. I think the makers thought the revelation about the identity of who that creature used to be was enough to make it a memorable ending.


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