Devil Fetus (1983)

This dude needs a detox face mask
This dude needs a detox face mask

Starring Eddie Chan, Leung San, Lau Dan and Au-Yang Sha-Fei, directed by Liu Hung-Chuen, produced by Lo Wei, with action choreography by Mai Kei.

He's got a splitting headache
I’ve got a splitting headache!
If somebody is lit by a green light, it means they're evil, right?
If somebody is lit by a green light, it means they’re evil, right?

Possessions, supernatural occurrences and death await a rich family following the purchase of a jade vase.

You aways get priests in this kind of film
You aways get priests in this kind of film

The somewhat phallic-looking ornament, which is smashed early on in the movie, is really just an excuse for a string of occult happenings, including levitation, the vomiting of birthday cake and worms, the eating of a recently exhumed dog’s guts, and rape by a white haired, slimy demon. As the title suggests, there is the brief shot of a green fetus-thingy bursting from a dead woman’s stomach, plus a face-ripping that reveals maggots beneath the flesh, and the bravura on-screen head-crushing of one of the characters trapped in a shrinking room.

Assaulted by a grey-haired monster
Assaulted by a white-haired monster
Splatted head!
Splattered head!

The standard of the special FX varies: a shot of a holy man, who is twisted into the earth by grasping hands, is achieved simply by using double-exposed images, as are shots of the possessed younger son gliding about the place. However, the scene of the son splitting in two down the middle, as a demon bursts out of him, is a novel effect. This devil critter is beheaded almost immediately and, in a show-stopping example of Hong Kong weirdness, a succession of human heads on long necks streak from a severed neck, followed by a fountain of fluid! After an Evil Dead-style shot of the demon head decomposing (via jerky animation), the toothy skull zips toward the camera for a freeze-frame ending!   

The severed monster's head...
The severed monster’s head…
...zooms toward the camera!
…zooms toward the camera!

Making little sense, this film becomes more and more ludicrous, but it remains an enjoyable spectacle throughout, eschewing the usual Hong Kong filmmaker’s tendency to include comedic interludes.

Eating a dead dog's guts: not recommended!
Eating a dead dog’s guts: not recommended!

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