Men (2022)

Harper (Jessie Buckley) rents an isolated country house so that she can spend some time alone to process the sense of guilt she is feeling after the suicide of her husband, who she was in the middle of divorcing when he fell/jumped from a balcony to his death. After meeting the nice-but-dim landlord Geoffrey, HarperContinue reading “Men (2022)”

A Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora’s Box (1995)

Directed by Jeffrey Lau, this fantasy-action-comedy stars Stephen Chow, Man-Tat Ng, Yammie Lam, Karen Mok and Kar-Ying Law. Joker (Chow), the rather inept leader of a gang of robbers, is oblivious to the fact that he is actually the Monkey King, who was punished for his bad behaviour and turned into a human 500 yearsContinue reading “A Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora’s Box (1995)”

Gen-Y Cops (2000)

Directed by Benny Chan and written by Kiu-Ying Chan, Kiu-Ying Chan and Bey Logan, this Hong Kong film stars Edison Chen, Stephen Fung, Sam Lee, Paul Rudd and Maggie Q.  It was released in the USA as a Syfy Original Film on the Syfy Channel in 2002,  under the misleading title JACKIE CHAN PRESENTS: METALContinue reading “Gen-Y Cops (2000)”

Ghost Busting (1989)

This Hong Kong horror-comedy was directed by Lau Sze-Yue,  stars Sandra Ng, Sharon Kwok and Danny Chan, and features a school for learning magic that is threatened by a bunch of evil beings. Together with lots of (quite puerile and dated) gags and pratfalls, there are some novel fantasy elements. For instance, a group ofContinue reading “Ghost Busting (1989)”

The Day of the Triffids (1963)

This film was directed by Steve (REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES) Sekely and stars Howard Keel, Nicole Maurey, Janette (PARANOIAC) Scott and Kieron (DOCTOR BLOOD’S COFFIN) Moore.  Though it is not very faithful to the John Wyndham novel, I do like this movie, with its perambulating killer plants and scenes of a world where almost everyoneContinue reading “The Day of the Triffids (1963)”

Haunted Mansion (1998)

This Hong Kong horror flick was directed (and written) by Dickson To, stars Gigi Lai, Anthony Wong, Shirley Cheung and Law Lan, and was produced by Wong Jing. Journalist Gigi (Lai) goes back to her family home in Hong Kong’s Yuen Long District with her cop husband Fai (Wong), to help her mom (Lan) andContinue reading “Haunted Mansion (1998)”

Vampire Vs Vampire (1989)

The local priest, played by Lam Ching-Ying (who also directed the movie), has his hands full with bat infestations, ghosts and vampires in his neighbourhood. Okay, there isn’t really a central plot-line to VAMPIRE VS VAMPIRE. Rather, it presents us with a series of occult happenings for our hero Lam to deal with. An earlyContinue reading “Vampire Vs Vampire (1989)”

The Seventh Curse (1986)

This Hong Kong horror-adventure is directed by Lam Ngai Kai (aka Nam Lai Choi, aka Simon Nam) and stars Chow Yun-Fat, Maggie Cheung, Dick Wei and Sibelle Hu. Adventurer Yuan must return to North Thailand and confront the chief of the Worm Tribe in order to look for the cure to a spell which isContinue reading “The Seventh Curse (1986)”

The Monster of Highgate Ponds (1961)

When a kipper-loving Nessie-type monster hatches from an egg brought back from Malaya by his Uncle Dick (Ronald Howard), a boy called David (Michael Wade) tries to keep the creature secret with the help of his sister Sophie (Rachel Clay) and his friend Chris (Terry Raven). This B&W British production is low budget and quiteContinue reading “The Monster of Highgate Ponds (1961)”

Hercules (2014)

Hercules (Dwayne Johnson) and his small, loyal warrior team earn gold as roaming mercenaries for hire. But when he accepts the offer of Lord Cotys (John Hurt) of Thrace to train an army in order to protect the kingdom from a ruthless warlord called Rhesus (Tobias Santelmann), Hercules must finally make a choice between makingContinue reading “Hercules (2014)”