The Crater Lake Monster (1977)

Directed by William R. Stromberg, THE CRATER LAKE MONSTER’s original story and screenplay was co-written by William R. Stromberg and Richard Cardella, and the film stars Richard Cardella, Glen Roberts, Mark Siegel and Sonny Shepard. The plot concerns a huge plesiosaur that starts attacking folks near Crater Lake in Northern California. So just how didContinue reading “The Crater Lake Monster (1977)”

Posters for Jack the Giant Killer (1962)

This heroic adventure yarn, about a young farmer who protects a princess from a sorcerer’s monsters in Middle Ages Cornwall, was directed by Nathan Juran, stars Kerwin Mathews, Torin Thatcher, Judi Meredith and Walter Burke, with colourful stop-motion effects provided by Jim Danforth (and others). The film was producer Edward Small’s attempt to emulate theContinue reading “Posters for Jack the Giant Killer (1962)”