The Legend of the Golden Pearl (1987)

Directed by Teddy Robin Kwan, written by Philip Cheng, Gerald Liu & Yuen-Leung Poon, starring Samuel Hui, Ti Lung, Teddy Robin Kwan, Joey Wang and Bruce Baron. Also known as THE LEGEND OF WISELY, the film’s hero, Wisely (Hui), helps a very short mate steal a sacred pearl from some monks in Nepal, which involvesContinue reading “The Legend of the Golden Pearl (1987)”

The Thing From Another World (1951)

Based on the 1938 novella WHO GOES THERE? by John W Campbell, THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD tells the story of a U.S Air Force crew, plus some scientists, who discover an alien being in the ice near a crashed flying saucer in the Artic. The block of ice that encases the extraterrestrial melts (afterContinue reading “The Thing From Another World (1951)”

The Glitterball (1977)

In the UK two boys make friends with a stranded alien that resembles a small, metal ball. They try to help the silvery being return home, but have to deal with a crook called George “Filthy” Potter. A mothership eventually arrives and it disgorges a whole swarm of alien metal balls to deal with Potter.Continue reading “The Glitterball (1977)”

Without Warning (1980)

People are hunted by a tall humanoid extraterrestrial that kills his victims using spinning, living projectiles. Directed by Greydon (SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS) Clark, this low budget film is structured like a backwoods slasher movie but with an alien instead of a maniac. WITHOUT WARNING features lots of shots of people falling victim to the flying, fleshy,Continue reading “Without Warning (1980)”

Supersonic Saucer (1956)

A group of boarding school kids encounter an alien from Venus and team up with the small extraterrestrial, which they name Meba, to catch a bunch of dastardly crooks. This is a charming, odd, obscure low budget movie from the Children’s Film Foundation, which was a UK non-profit-making organisation that used to make cheap filmsContinue reading “Supersonic Saucer (1956)”

Hunter Prey (2010)

A Sedonian alien trooper and his human adversary play a cat and mouse game of hunter and hunted on an arid desert planet they’ve crash-landed onto. This low budget sci-fi flick is nicely shot in Baja California, features some neat alien makeups and is kind of a small-scale ENEMY MINE, although the two characters inContinue reading “Hunter Prey (2010)”