Feed the Gods (2014)

Bigfoot or Wild Man?

Two bickering brothers decide to trace their biological parents, leading them to a forgotten, backwoods town. Accompanied by the younger brother’s girlfriend (Emily Tennant), they eventually discover that the townsfolk sacrifice people to the local bigfoot creatures via a pact, which allows some of the locals to leave the town if they want to.

The protagonists
The trip begins!

Tyler Johnston plays the younger, sensible, lawyer brother Kris and Shawn (DIARY OF THE DEAD) Roberts plays Will, the older slacker brother who is a wannabe filmmaker and looks like he works out a lot. These two bicker throughout the film, with Kris being the more snarky of the two and Will coming across as impulsive but easy going. This constant sniping works some of the time but can get a bit much.

Nice poster

I think the premise of this movie, about the secret sacrifice to the local wild man ‘gods’, is great – plus there are interesting moments, such as when Will stumbles upon the skull of a creature in a cave.

A creature's skull
The skull

I enjoyed the movie till the start of the third act, when the plot should really have shifted gears, giving us more interactions & confrontations between the protagonists and the mysterious wild man/bigfoot creatures. This, unfortunately, doesn’t happen.

Film poster
He’s a legend. You’re history

Instead of this, the plot just keeps its focus on the leads and the local townsfolk who are part of the sacrificing-outsiders-to-the-bigfoot pact.

 up of creature
The creature's face
The creature is always shown in close up

Another element of the story that gets ridiculous is the way Will keeps accidentally killing people. He does this not just the one time, not twice, not three times… but four times! It just gets silly how he keeps inadvertently offing people, including the time he manages to kill one villain by pushing the guy onto a bear trap that is hanging on the wall, primed to snap shut! Now that’s what I call a dangerous living room decoration!


The plot remains bogged down with the townsfolk planning the sacrifices, capturing the protagonists, etc, rather than showing the main characters encountering the creatures – and, when a bigfoot/wild man does appear near the very end of the film, the makeup is not anything special.

Roaring bigfoot
Angry bigfoot!

Such a shame, really, as the film did show a lot of promise in its premise.

The bigfoot looks a bit like the Grinch here!

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