Spooky Swabs (1957)


Popeye and Olive Oyl are stranded on a raft in the ocean when Popeye spots a galleon called the ‘Sea Witch’. They happily climb onboard but it soon transpires that the ship’s crew are still hanging around… as ghosts.

The cartoon's title
This was the 231st and final theatrical Popeye cartoon
POpeye & Olive
Popeye and Olive

SPOOKY SWABS was the final Paramount Pictures theatrical Popeye cartoon to be released and, whilst nowhere near as good as the much earlier Popeye cartoons, it is quite a fun affair with such gags as Popeye speedily spinning his pipe in his mouth so that he can use it as an outboard motor, water draining out of Olive Oyl’s eyes so that we can see her pupils again, and Popeye grabbing a sawfish so that he can use it to cut through the ship’s anchor rope.

Happy ghosts
Happy ghosts

It would’ve been cooler if the ghosts had been drawn to resemble pirates, rather than your standard white sheet type ghosts, but this does allow for a final sight gag where Popeye knocks all the ghosts flat and Olive Oyl stitches them together to make a brand new sail for the galleon.

The new sail is made from ghosts
A ghostly new sail!
Ye King's Spinach
If this jar of Ye King’s Spinach has been hanging around since 1678 it can’t taste too good…
Popeye the Sailor comic
The ghosts should really have looked like this one featured on the cover of a Popeye the Sailor comic

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