Beneath (2013)

Six high school seniors, including Kitty (Bonnie Dennison), Johnny (Daniel Zovatto) and Matt (Chris Conroy), head out to a secluded lake, where they are attacked by a large, toothy killer fish.

These obnoxious characters become trapped on their small boat and, as the monstrous fish circles them, their tenuous friendships and loyalties soon dissolve.

Here comes the fish!
Here comes the fish!

Wow… all of the characters in this movie (written by Tony Daniel and Brian D. Smith) are so very, very unlikeable!

Every one of these ‘friends’ is out to save their own skin, so it’s no surprise that I ended up really, really wanting the fish to get all of them!

These characters are definitely only friends on the surface
Watch out!
Watch out!

The best thing about this movie is the use of practical FX, with an actual, decent-sized, toothy model fish used.

It was a joy to watch this scaly critter swimming about.

Cool fish!
Cool fish!

The director, Larry Fessenden, made the far better film THE LAST WINTER (2006), which was based in the Arctic and was an intriguing and pretty effective slow burn film that featured spectral caribou!

A victim is eaten
Nom nom nom

One of the characters in BENEATH has a wrist-mounted GoPro (is that even practical?)… and I was especially pleased when the guy got eaten!

The GoPro guy's severed arm!
The GoPro guy’s severed arm!

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