Bio-Cops (2000)

Zombies on the prowl
Zombies on the prowl

Starring Stephen Fung, Sam Lee, Alice Chan, Chan Wai Ming, Benny Lai, and Frankie Ng Chi-Hung, directed by Steve Cheng.

Nom, nom, nom...
Nom, nom, nom…

Dr Harry (Lai) smuggles a sample of weaponised virus from a lab that’s attempting to create ‘painless warriors’, but he is bitten by one of the test subjects (Jude Poyer) and slowly turns into a zombie-like being, triggering an outbreak of the undead at a rural Hong Kong police station. 

Green gunk dribbles from Dr Harry's mouth as he has sex...
Green gunk dribbles from Dr Harry’s mouth during sex…

There’s too much extraneous chat and a string of pointless scenes padding out the beginning of this movie, but matters become more interesting once Harry starts drooling green gunk during sex, rips apart the occupants of a police cell and then becomes a super-strong, scabby-faced ‘New Human’, who can bend bars.

Harry gets pretty strong
Harry gets pretty strong
Could've been better...
Could’ve been better…

Instead of being a super-soldier thriller, as suggested by the opening sequence, BIO-COPS evolves into a zombie outbreak flick and is really rather silly. Quite a few zombies seem to like to hide in lockers, a cop gets his arse bitten by petty hoodlum Cheap (Lee), who’s just pretending to be a zombie, and Frankie Ng Chi-Hung simply looks embarrassed playing zombified Hung Hing triad gang boss Kow.

For a 'zombie', Harry talks quite a bit
For a ‘zombie’, Harry talks quite a bit

Reminiscent of BIO-ZOMBIE (1998) in some ways, this film is nowhere near as good as that flick, though the diverting latter zombie siege moments, involving submachine guns and pump-action shotguns, do enliven the story, but the finale lacks fizz, turning into a talky confrontation between cop hero Marco (Fung), his girlfriend May (Wai Ming) and Harry, but at least it ends with Harry having a grenade shoved into his mouth. Boom!

Eat lead, zombies!
Eat lead, zombies!
She's going to ram a grenade into his mouth!
She’s going to ram a grenade into his mouth!

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