Men (2022)

Harper (Jessie Buckley) rents an isolated country house so that she can spend some time alone to process the sense of guilt she is feeling after the suicide of her husband, who she was in the middle of divorcing when he fell/jumped from a balcony to his death. After meeting the nice-but-dim landlord Geoffrey, HarperContinue reading “Men (2022)”

Sacrifice (2020)

Isaac (Ludovic Hughes) and his pregnant wife Emma (Sophie Stevens) visit a Norwegian village to sell the house that he has recently inherited. The couple soon discover that Isaac’s father was murdered many years ago and they also find out that the locals follow an old tradition that worships a tentacled deity. SACRIFICE is aContinue reading “Sacrifice (2020)”

The Village in the Woods (2019)

Nicky (Beth Park) and Jason (Robert Vernon) travel to a village in mist-shrouded woodland (you actually never see much of a village, just a couple of buildings) to claim ownership of an old pub that Nicky has inherited. The thing is, Nicky and Jason are scam artists and have no real claim to the pub,Continue reading “The Village in the Woods (2019)”