The Retreat (2020)

Gus (Grant Schumacher) goes on a hiking trip in the Adirondack mountains with Adam (Dylan Grunn), his more down to earth friend. Gus drinks some hallucinogenic tea, thinks he’s attacked by a monster, fights back, murders his friend, then finally succumbs to cannibalism… after which he is tormented by a horned Wendigo and other beings.Continue reading “The Retreat (2020)”

The Young Cannibals (2019)

In a pre-title sequence two desperate men are shown eating part of a dead colleague on a snow-covered mountain. A third man refuses to take part in this. When the three men walk onwards, the two who had eaten the flesh start acting scared, as if they can see something up ahead. The man who’dContinue reading “The Young Cannibals (2019)”