Sucker of Souls (2019)

In a cave-like tomb some mercenaries and an archaeologist have to deal with a red-eyed, naked, bearded humanoid who transforms into a large, demon-like monster after feeding on a young archaeology assistant. The creature is actually Dracula, who halts momentarily in his attack when he sees a cat, allowing the survivors to flee, regroup, andContinue reading “Sucker of Souls (2019)”

The Secret War (2019)

As the second season of Love, Death + Robots was recently released on Netflix, I thought I’d go back and give one of the episodes from the first season of the animated anthology show a rewatch… THE SECRET WAR tells the story of a group of Red Army soldiers hunting and fighting demons in RussianContinue reading “The Secret War (2019)”

Snow in the Desert (2021)

In the Love, Death + Robots season 2 episode SNOW IN THE DESERT, an albino wanderer known as Snow lives on a hot, barren planet and must deal with various bounty hunters who want to kill him so that they can attain a certain part of his anatomy… Snow, it transpires, has lived hundreds of years: thisContinue reading “Snow in the Desert (2021)”

Ice (2021)

Two brothers, called Sedgewick and Fletcher, have recently moved to an ice-covered planet, where they try to fit in with the other youths already living in a grim, industrial factory base. Fletcher is the cooler of the two brothers and is ‘modded’, whereas Sedgewick is not genetically modified and is looked down upon by theContinue reading “Ice (2021)”

All Through the House (2021)

On a snowy Christmas Eve, a young brother and sister quietly sneak downstairs to hopefully get a fleeting glimpse of Santa as he leaves presents under the christmas tree. But they actually discover that ol’ Saint Nick is a grotesque-looking, raw-fleshed, toothy creature! ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE is a 7 minute episode from the secondContinue reading “All Through the House (2021)”

The Tall Grass (2021)

A passenger (resembling H.P. Lovecraft) leaves his carriage to have a smoke when the train he is travelling on briefly breaks down in a field of tall grass. Disregarding the train conductor’s request not to wander from the train, the man walks into the prairie and notices strange lights amongst the grass… so he treadsContinue reading “The Tall Grass (2021)”