Operation Pink Squad II (1989)

Directed and written by Jeffrey Lau, starring Sandra Ng, Billy Lau, Man Cheung, Fung Woo, Ann Bridgewater, Suki Kwan, Fui-On Shing, Hsiao-Mei Chang and Cheung-Yan Yuen. Female cops go undercover to crack a forgery case and, while they wait to meet up with the counterfeiter bad guy Maddy (Shing), they stay at an almost desertedContinue reading “Operation Pink Squad II (1989)”

Ghost Busting (1989)

This Hong Kong horror-comedy was directed by Lau Sze-Yue,  stars Sandra Ng, Sharon Kwok and Danny Chan, and features a school for learning magic that is threatened by a bunch of evil beings. Together with lots of (quite puerile and dated) gags and pratfalls, there are some novel fantasy elements. For instance, a group ofContinue reading “Ghost Busting (1989)”