Ghost Busting (1989)

This Hong Kong horror-comedy was directed by Lau Sze-Yue,  stars Sandra Ng, Sharon Kwok and Danny Chan, and features a school for learning magic that is threatened by a bunch of evil beings. Together with lots of (quite puerile and dated) gags and pratfalls, there are some novel fantasy elements. For instance, a group ofContinue reading “Ghost Busting (1989)”

Vampire Vs Vampire (1989)

The local priest, played by Lam Ching-Ying (who also directed the movie), has his hands full with bat infestations, ghosts and vampires in his neighbourhood. Okay, there isn’t really a central plot-line to VAMPIRE VS VAMPIRE. Rather, it presents us with a series of occult happenings for our hero Lam to deal with. An earlyContinue reading “Vampire Vs Vampire (1989)”