Gen-Y Cops (2000)

Directed by Benny Chan and written by Kiu-Ying Chan, Kiu-Ying Chan and Bey Logan, this Hong Kong film stars Edison Chen, Stephen Fung, Sam Lee, Paul Rudd and Maggie Q.  It was released in the USA as a Syfy Original Film on the Syfy Channel in 2002,  under the misleading title JACKIE CHAN PRESENTS: METALContinue reading “Gen-Y Cops (2000)”

The Terrornauts (1967)

Three staff members of Project Star Talk (Simon Oates, Stanley Meadows & Zena Marshall) are working at a radio telescope site when they are taken to an asteroid fortress by a space ship. Also carried along for the ride is an accountant (Charles Hawtrey) and a tea lady (Patricia Hayes). The group meet a robotContinue reading “The Terrornauts (1967)”

Gog (1954)

Dr. David Sheppard (Richard Egan), from the Office of Scientific Investigation, is called in to investigate mysterious deaths happening at a top-secret government facility located beneath the New Mexico desert. David teams-up with Joanna Merritt (Constance Dowling), who is another OSI agent working undercover at this facility, which is being used to construct a spaceContinue reading “Gog (1954)”