Perseus Against the Monsters (1963)

A hero must deal with an evil ruler, warriors, Medusa and a lake-dwelling dragon. Originally released in Italy as PERSEO L’INVINCIBLE, this movie is known by several other names, including THE VALLEY OF THE STONE MEN and, in the United States, as MEDUSA AGAINST THE SON OF HERCULES. (‘The Sons of Hercules’ was a 1960sContinue reading “Perseus Against the Monsters (1963)”

Scorpion Thunderbolt (1988)

In a recent post I wrote about Hong Kong director Godfrey Ho, who created a bunch of films for IFD Film Arts that utilised his cut-and-paste technique: splicing footage from different (already existing) movies together, then adding additional recently shot scenes to act as ‘plot glue’ for the new story. Of all these patchwork films myContinue reading “Scorpion Thunderbolt (1988)”

Snake Monsters! Ninjas! Hopping Vampires! The Very Weird World of IFD!

IFD Film Arts was a Hong Kong film studio originally created by producer Joseph Lai after he split from Asso Asia Films. IFD made some martial arts action classics like THE MAGNIFICENT, DRAGON ON FIRE and THE DRAGON THE HERO, but what I want to chat about now are some of the other, madder, monster-orientedContinue reading “Snake Monsters! Ninjas! Hopping Vampires! The Very Weird World of IFD!”