Kickboxer From Hell (1990)

Also known as ZODIAC POWER 3: KICKBOXER FROM HELL, this is a cut-and-paste IFD movie that intercuts new footage featuring western martial arts actor Mark Houghton with a 1976 Hong Kong/Korean supernatural movie called THE OBSESSED, starring Nora (WAY OF THE DRAGON) Miao. The film begins with a woman called Sophia being chased by sackcloth-wearingContinue reading “Kickboxer From Hell (1990)”

Scorpion Thunderbolt (1988)

In a recent post I wrote about Hong Kong director Godfrey Ho, who created a bunch of films for IFD Film Arts that utilised his cut-and-paste technique: splicing footage from different (already existing) movies together, then adding additional recently shot scenes to act as ‘plot glue’ for the new story. Of all these patchwork films myContinue reading “Scorpion Thunderbolt (1988)”