Dinosaurus! (1960)

Engineers using explosives to enlarge a harbour on a Caribbean island discover the bodies of two dinosaurs, which have been frozen in a kind of suspended animation in mud beneath the sea floor. The dinosaurs, a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Brontosaurus, get winched onto the island and are left lying on the beach. In the middleContinue reading “Dinosaurus! (1960)”


A caveman (Spear) and a Tyrannosaur (Fang) bond after the deaths of their families and roam through a fantastical prehistoric world together, savagely taking on anything that opposes them. PRIMAL is an animated television series created and directed by the brilliant Genndy (SAMURAI JACK) Tartakovsky and, boy, is it good! It comes across like an utterlyContinue reading “Primal”