Thirst (2015)

Alien critter alert!
Toothy-faced beastie!

The staff and teenagers at a wilderness boot camp for problem teens are attacked by a vicious bio-mechanical alien. With nobody nearby to help them, they are forced to fight back on their own.

The poster artist doesn't seem to know the movie is set in a desert...
The poster artist doesn’t seem to know the movie is set in a desert…

This is a just-about-okay flick that is better than the stuff produced by the Asylum, for instance (which I know isn’t saying much!)

Desert boot camp
Desert boot camp

Directed by Greg Kiefer, THIRST features almost-okay (or at least acceptable) CGI, but some of the cliched characters get pretty irritating, which affects the potential watchability and enjoyment of the movie – and I think it would have been better if the alien’s origin had been gone into.

Critter alert!
Critter alert!

If you fancy watching a bunch of one dimensional protagonists getting bumped off by a CGI critter that looks its best in the night scenes (but is featured in a lot of bright daylight scenes) this could well be the cliche-ridden flick for you!

The monster attacks!
The monster attacks!
The poster always makes the film look better, right?

Creature concept design by Mauricio Ruiz…

Shame the creature in the movie wasn't as cool as this original design
Shame the creature in the movie wasn’t as cool as this original design

2 thoughts on “Thirst (2015)”

  1. You know, this is a movie I kept seeing in countless streaming libraries and never gave it a chance.

    From what I gather from your review, this is absolutely no practical effects in this and it relies solely on cgi… which is sad. I can take a mix of the two but not all cgi. Hell even the movie anaconda was a mix of the two, which is actually tolerable.
    But I will check it out.

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